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Volunteering – it’s for everyone

Volunteers are more important than ever in helping to support the NHS and as part of national volunteering week, the QE hospital is launching a new campaign to help celebrate their contribution.

They want to attract even more volunteers to the QE by promoting the vital role they can play in the organisation and highlighting the benefits to individuals.

As well as enabling people to give something back to their local hospital, volunteering can also provide valuable experience for those hoping to start a career in healthcare.

The QE currently has around 142 uniformed volunteers carrying out a wide range of tasks across the hospital and we hope our new campaign provides an insight into why they offer their time, what they get out of it and crucially how important they are to patients.

As part of the launch, a new video featuring some of the current volunteers has been created.

You can also find out more about volunteering at QE Gateshead by visiting their new website here.