Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Do you have something to say about emergency and urgent care in the North East?

In the North East this year, there is a big project taking place to help us better understand urgent and emergency care services - the way they provided, how patients use them and people’s views on how to improve things. This work is all part of an innovative NHS ‘Vanguard’*, made up of urg..Read More

Background to the Deciding Together consultation process

Over the past year, the NHS in Newcastle and Gateshead has worked with hundreds of patients, families and stakeholders to gather their views on options for the future of NHS mental health services in the area. During summer 2015 Newcastle Gateshead CCG and its partners, including Northumberland, ..Read More

CCG Governing Body decides on shape of future mental health services

Mental health services in Newcastle and Gateshead are set to be transformed - reducing the amount of time people will spend in hospital and creating better, more integrated care outside of hospital in the community, and helping people to recover sooner ..Read More