Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Join us for a sponsored overnight stay in support of Newcastle’s homeless young people

NHS Newcastle Gateshead CCG’s staff are braving a cold March night and sacrificing both a warm bed and a roof over their heads to spend the night under the stars at Riverside House, Newburn, to raise money and awareness of YMCA Newcastle’s homeless prevention work on Friday March 16th, 19.00 –..Read More

Tips for quitting on No Smoking Day

Wednesday 14 March marks No Smoking Day – an annual challenge to smokers to make a quit attempt. If you smoke, the chances are you’ve tried to quit before. But it’s not all bad news - the most recent evidence ..Read More

Public urged to think twice before attending A&E as the thaw puts pressure on NHS services

Following the severe weather, people across the North East are being urged to stay away from A&E unless they are seriously unwell or in need of critical or life-saving care. Members of the public are being reminded to think before dialling 999 and only call if they have a life threatening emerge..Read More