Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Health information for Great Exhibition of the North

If someone falls ill and needs to access NHS services, please see details below explaining which services are available.   Pharmacies Pharmacists are available to provide instant, confidential advice and treatment for minor illnesses, without the need to make an appoin..Read More

Annual report and accounts 2018-19

Our annual report for 2018-19 is now available. It can be found here ..Read More

True cost of smoking to the North East revealed on World No Tobacco Day

New data published in time for World No Tobacco Day (May 31) by Action on Smoking Health shows that smoking costs the North East a massive £613.8 million a year. The figures show the additional pressure that smoking is putting on hospitals and GP surgeries, with a £127.5 million bill to..Read More