Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Strategy, policy and PPI reports

This strategy states NHS Newcastle Gateshead CCGs robust approach to involvement, and, how we are committed to working with the public, patients, voluntary and community sector organisations,  carers, wider communities and stakeholders to ensure health services can be commissioned based on patient experience, stakeholder feedback and community need.

It includes:

  • The aims and objectives of the strategy; including some high level key messages.
  • Current legislation on the ‘Duty to Involve ‘and the ‘Equality Act 2010’.
  • The key principles for communication, engagement and consultation.
  • Proposals for the engagement process including a clear action plan.

The strategy has been refreshed for 2020/21 by the CCG Patient, Public, Involvement Team to reflect the development of the team’s work and broader changes within the NHS. The content has been considered by patient representatives from the Forum Steering Group.