Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Information for partners

Our vision is to work with the people living in Newcastle and Gateshead to improve the quality and experiences of services so that they live happier, healthier lives: transforming lives together.

We will do this by prioritising:

  • Involvement of people in our communities and providers to get the best understanding of issues and opportunities
  • Experience – people centred services that are some of the best in the country
  • Outcomes – focusing on preventing illness and reducing inequalities

To make it easier for our partners to find information on our site, we have listed information below that you may find useful:

What is a CCG?

Who we work with

The way we work

Our member practices

Our plans and key documents

View the Gateshead Governance Arrangements to show how key meetings relate to partner organisations, particularly the Health and Wellbeing Board