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Blaydon Primary Care Centre GP Practice

All GP practices hold a contract to deliver primary medical services to local patients in England and Wales.  The majority of contracts are open-ended but there are some newer contracts in place that are time-limited.  These are known as Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) contracts.

Blaydon Primary Care Centre GP Practice currently holds one of these and after a series of extensions it is due to come to an end on 31 March 2016.

In line with NHS England policy entitled, ‘Managing the end of time-limited contracts for primary medical services’, NHS England, the organisation responsible for planning and buying local health services,  has reviewed the contract and agreed a continued need for the services.  However, as the accountable body for the budget, NHS England is required to tender the services to ensure value for money.

There is also a national steer to ensure equitable funding amongst practices, which means all practices, irrespective of the contract they hold are to receive the same fee per patient for delivering the same core service.    This procurement will deliver on this requirement and this will release resources that will be reinvested back into general practice across Newcastle and Gateshead.

It is proposed that there will be a reduction in hours offered at the Blaydon site, however patients will be able to access services at the practice’s main site within the Gateshead area.   There will be no changes to the services the new Provider will need to deliver as they are the same core primary medical services all GP Practices across the Gateshead area have to deliver.

The main reasons NHS England has decided to do this is because:

●     The small size of the list makes it difficult to let the contract. In previous procurement rounds no suitable bids were received.

●     It supports the national strategy of larger practices to ensure sustainability and enable the commissioner and provider to explore new models of care that help address the pressures faced by General Practice currently.;

●     It supports the developing local strategy for General Practice which is focussed on ensuring the future of General Practice in Newcastle and Gateshead.

Note that the co-located walk in centre is not part of this review and will continue to offer extended hours.

Communication and Engagement

NHS England has written to patients registered with this practice to reassure them that they will see services continue.

As part of the procurement process, NHS England would like to engage with the patient population and local stakeholders to ensure they understand what is planned, and have the opportunity for any queries to be clarified and to share with NHS England what is important to them in relation to these proposals.

The final resarch report is available to download here: