Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Enhancing the health of care home residents: Gateshead’s vanguard project

Gateshead is one of only six areas nationally to be awarded vanguard status by NHS England for its work to improve the health of patients living in care homes.

A total of 29 vanguard sites were announced by NHS England in March 2015, as one of the first steps towards delivering the NHS Five Year Forward View through improvement and integration of services.

To find out more about the project, click here to view a recent presentation, or check out the short videos below.

The vanguard bid, which is also backed by Gateshead Council, will build on the success of the area’s care home initiative, which has already reduced non-elective admissions to hospital from people living in care homes by 9% in two years.

The initiative sees individual GP practices each allocated to a specific care home, providing greater continuity of care and more effective prevention of illness through regular home visits.

Vanguard status does not bring additional money but puts Newcastle Gateshead firmly in the national spotlight as an example of good practice, as well as enabling us to go further and faster in developing the project.

The new approach will mark a major step forward in health and social care integration, with closer joint working between the CCG and local authority around both commissioning and delivery.

Central to the new model is a new Provider Alliance Network (PAN), which will bring together all parts of the care system to oversee and connect care for patients in long and short stay community beds (care homes and promoting independence units) as well as home-based care for people recovering in their family home.

The vision was informed by feedback from patients and carers, who highlighted the need for joined-up services, information-sharing, coordination across local boundaries and a single point of contact.

Our aim is for the Provider Alliance Network to be fully established by 2017-18, providing improved and more integrated care for our patients, as well as good practice which can be replicated in other areas.