Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Groups you can get involved with

GP patient participation groups

Being part of your GP practice patient participation group (PPG) is a great opportunity for you to help shape and influence the health services that you, your family and the local community receive.

Members of the PPG are patients from the GP practice who each come with a broad spectrum of experiences, needs and views about local health services.

To join your GP participation group, contact your Practice Manager.

Patient and community groups across Newcastle and Gateshead

Across Newcastle and Gateshead, we also have a number of groups where patients, carers and community and voluntary sector organisations meet.



The ACORN group represents the individual patient participations groups from the North and East of Newcastle. 
Read the latest minutes – 23 March minutes

Newcastle West Patient Forum

Representing Newcastle West GP practices, the group meets on a quarterly basis.


Gateshead Local Engagement Board

The Local Engagement Board meets four times a year, offering an opportunity for local people to engage with healthcare partners and help to shape local NHS services.

Gateshead patient, user, carer and public involvement (PUCPI) group

This group meets monthly attracting strong attendance from patients and carers as well as the voluntary and statutory sectors and contributing to the development of strategic plans for local healthcare.

Newcastle Community Forum

The Community Forum is a Newcastle-wide partnership for professionals representing specific groups with protected characteristics and people in minority communities with experience of being marginalised.  The Forum provides an opportunity for these groups to have a say in how the CCG commissions local services and in how local services develop.

To find out more about any of these groups contact our Community Development and Patient and Public Involvement Lead norahstevens@nhs.net or call 0191 217 2787

Other ways to get involved

Health champions

Health Champions are patients of a GP practice who share their passions, skills and ideas to benefit the health and well-being of the local community. Champions work together with the practice staff to do things that interest them. This might be setting up groups to share a hobby or skill, setting up a health event to raise awareness around a condition, but can be anything depending upon the interests of the champions.

A number of practices across the CCG are developing this approach with more expected to join in. For further information about this work please contact Steven Bramwell, Health Champion Lead, 0191 2172830 Steven.Bramwell@nhs.net.

Commissioner visit programme

Each year, we carry out a rolling programme of commissioner visits to seek assurances that the quality of services we commission remain high, that they are being delivered in a safe way and that our patients have a positive experience of care and good outcome.

Our patient representatives are part of the visiting team which includes a CCG senior nurse, CCG medical representative and representative from North of England Commissioning Support (NECS).  Having a patient representative as part of the visiting team ensures that services are seen through the eyes of patients and services users, gives the opportunity to talk to patients and families about the care they are receiving and help capture what good quality care looks, sounds and feels like.

If you would like to become a patient representative contact our Patient Experience Lead, Alison Thompson at alisonthompson4@nhs.net or call 0191 217 2554