Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Information for partners

Our vision is to work with the people living in Newcastle and Gateshead to improve the quality and experiences of services so that they live happier, healthier lives: transforming lives together.

We will do this by prioritising:

  • Involvement of people in our communities and providers to get the best understanding of issues and opportunities
  • Experience – people centred services that are some of the best in the country
  • Outcomes – focusing on preventing illness and reducing inequalities

To make it easier for our partners to find information on our site, we have listed information below that you may find useful:

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View the Gateshead Governance Arrangements to show how key meetings relate to partner organisations, particularly the Health and Wellbeing Board


Connected People, Connected Communities

Over the next few months partners in Gateshead and Newcastle will be undertaking work to consider what more we can do to make these areas into places where people make and maintain good quality relationships.

The work, entitled Connected People, Connected Communities,  intends to build on, and add value to, existing developments such as introducing asset based approaches, health and care integration and developing social prescribing models.  It will also enable us to consider how other areas of activity, such as housing, urban design or transport, can make a difference to social relationships

The work has three key parts to it:

  1. ​Encouraging groups of people from organisations to have conversations in their team and network meetings about good quality social relationships and what people from organisations can do to value and build them.  We have prepared an information sheet to support these conversations.  It draws on reports, academic journals and research projects to act as discussion points for you to consider.
  2. Supporting groups of people from our local communities to think about and share their thoughts on good social relationships.  We have prepared a series of prompts for this and are inviting groups to develop a poster (using a standard template) to feed in their views.
  3. Convening an event (7 June) to bring together a range of people from Newcastle and from Gateshead to draw on conversations to date and the information in the community posters and consider where we should be focussing our energy in the future.  We expect there to be about 160 people at the event who will be invited on the basis of the perspective they bring to ensure that diverse views are surfaced and shared and we reach into a range of networks and professions.

If your organisation or community group is interested in getting involved in this work, we invite you to use the attached information to having conversations in your teams and with the people you support, to explore the role and impact of good social relationships. We would like you to use these conversations to develop a poster which will be used to inform the event on 7 June and any subsequent work. The deadline for the posters is Friday 6 May.

Please use the Poster template, which also contains background information to support you in carrying out the task.  Please return your completed poster by 6 May 2016 to: NGCCG.gettingconnected@nhs.net  along with contact details in case we need to contact you.

We have also re-circulated the background information sheet which sets out the aims and objectives for the Connected People, Connected Communities work, so please feel free to use this in any capacity that could be useful in supporting the activities above.

Finally, if you have any queries about these activities, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the getting connected email address (above) or Christianne.ormston@nhs.net