Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Deciding Together, Delivering Together

Deciding Together, Delivering Together

The original Deciding Together decision, made in July 2016, focussed primarily upon the reconfiguration of the inpatient Mental Health beds in Gateshead and Newcastle.  To realise that ambition, a fundamental redesign of community mental health services was needed – across all agencies.

To ensure the redesign was comprehensive, the scope of the original Deciding Together work was extended to include:

  • Older People’s Mental Health services in Gateshead
  • Third Sector Mental Health services, and the wider Community and Voluntary Sector
  • Social Care and other Local Authority services
  • Interface with GP services
  • Interface with employment and housing

Following extensive desk top data analysis and preliminary stakeholder engagement earlier this year, four week-long ‘design workshops’ were held in September/October, which were attended by more than 70 participants including Service Users and Carers.  The workshops generated a comprehensive description of the Community Mental Health services to be created in Gateshead and Newcastle, under the following four banner headlines:

  • Getting help when you need it
  • Understanding need and planning support
  • Delivering support
  • Staying well

You can read the summary reports from the workshops here:
Newcastle Gateshead Delivering Together Workshop 1 Summary Report
Newcastle Gateshead Delivering Together Workshop 2 Summary Report
Newcastle Gateshead Delivering Together Workshop 3 Summary Report
Newcastle Gateshead Delivering Together Workshop 4 Summary Report

The comprehensive service description created now needs to be enacted.  A summary paper being tabled in the coming days at Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board and Newcastle Wellbeing For Life Board summarise the outputs from the redesign and key principles of the work, and outlines the purpose of the governance, planning and implementation groups which have been established.  There are different categories of service changes required – with some being fairly easy to achieve through policy and process redesign, some requiring a new approach across and between agencies delivering care, and some requiring longer term consideration and investment.

In order to move from ‘design to reality’, a Steering Group has been established to oversee the developments, with meetings scheduled before Christmas.  Critically, the responsibility for enacting the developments will be shared by all partners – both commissioners and providers, across the statutory and non-statutory sectors, and this group represents that.

Reporting to this Steering Group will be an Operational Group, which will plan the transformation of community service delivery across all providers/organisations, and an Inpatient/Bed Group, which will plan the transformation of not only the inpatient service changes agreed in the NHS Trusts, but also consider other providers of bed-based services in the area.

Both groups will work together to ensure seamless pathways in Mental Health for Newcastle and Gateshead, and have meetings before Christmas.

Mental health programme board paper – November 2017